1877 Indian Head Cent

The 1877 Indian Head was first designed in 1859, representing Liberty wearing an Indian headdress, not an actual Native American. During the Civil War, nearly all gold and silver, and eventually the copper-nickel cent, disappeared from circulation in the Midwest and East. The designer was James B. Longacre, and only made in the Philadelphia mint […]
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A Look Back on 39 Years in Business

Happy Spring (finally) newsletter readers! On April 1st Christopher’s Fine Jewelry and Rare Coins celebrated 39 years in business.  On April 1, 1980 I opened a tiny coin shop in Ankeny, Iowa called Coin World. I was fully aware that there was a numismatic publication named Coin World, but didn’t think it was problem as they […]
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Facebook Groups: The 24/7 Coin Show

I have a confession to make. I am a former Facebook hater. It seems that the few times I was on there a lot of what was being posted was negative comments, people complaining about their neighbors’ dog and all sorts of what I considered silly things and a lot of people wasting my and […]
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Coin Shows: Past & Present

This month I am writing about coin shows past and present. It used to be that the main way for coin collectors to obtain coins for their collections was finding them in circulation, attending coin club meetings, mail order from dealers advertising in coin publications and attending coin shows.  Coin shows used to be extremely […]
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