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Selling Coins

Selling your personal collection or an estate can bring a lot of apprehension. People often wonder, “Am I getting the best price?” “Are there coins in my collection that have a lot of value and will the appraiser tell me about them?”

For most people, coins are “blind items.” The average person does not have enough knowledge to evaluate them. Many coins that are very old have little value because they are common and there are many coins that are not very old that have great value. It depends on the rarity and condition – not the age.

Our expert appraisers will explain to you the values of your items so you can make an informed decision on whether to sell them.

At Christopher’s, you can sell your coins, gold, silver and platinum with ease and peace of mind. Our experienced appraisers will inspect all of your coins and offer you top market prices. There is never any pressure to sell if you just want an evaluation.

If you have a small collection you can bring it in anytime without an appointment. For larger collections, we ask that you make an appointment so we can set aside a time when we will be able to provide you the best service. If you have a larger collection and don’t want to wait while it is appraised, you can leave it with us for a short time. We will give you a receipt and call you as soon as we are done.

Our appraisal rates are only $35 per hour and this charge is waived if we buy the collection. Small collections that don’t require a written appraisal have a $15 minimum appraisal fee.

If you decide to sell your items we will pay you in cash or local check on the spot. It’s that easy! No deal is too small or too large for Christopher’s Rare Coins.

So if you have coins or precious metals that you are considering selling, please contact Christopher’s Rare Coins today!