About Us

Welcome to Christopher’s Rare Coins, where the foundation of our business is to connect closely to our clients, community and industry with the goal of being the most trusted independent coin store in our region.

We are locally owned and have been in the Des Moines area since 1980.  During that time we have established long-lasting relationships with our customers, often with generations of the same family and continue to inspire the loyalty of our growing client base by operating with integrity.

Christopher's Staff

To earn your trust, we promise you that:

  • We will treat you fairly, with honesty and respect, regardless of how much you spend or what you bring to us to sell.
  • We will assume personal responsibility for how we conduct business and will consistently demonstrate to you professionalism and courtesy.
  • We are a secure company and will provide you with a full range of quality items with the fairest prices possible.
  • We are committed to being experts in our field and will gladly teach you what we know.

If it sounds like we promise a lot, it’s because we expect a lot – from ourselves. We come from a tradition of knowing our trade, being confident in what we do, and providing a friendly atmosphere for our clients.

So, come and see us! And experience why so many others choose Christopher’s Rare Coins.