1891 $1 Treasury Note

These notes were issued as a result of the Legal Tender Act of July 14, 1890 that authorized the Secretary of the Treasury to issue these notes in payment for silver bullion purchased by the treasury Department. These notes were redeemable in actual coin but whether silver or gold coins should be paid out was […]
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1880-CC Morgan Dollar

Designed by George T. Morgan, formerly a pupil of William Wyon in the Royal Mint in London, this coin ran from 1878 through 1921 with no coins being minted from 1905 through 1920. The coinage of the silver dollar was suspended after 1904 when the demand was low and the bullion supply became exhausted. Under […]
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1864 Liberty Seated Dollar

After a break in dollar production from the ever popular 1804 Bust Dollar and after skipping over the very few Gobrecht Dollars in 1836-1839, the Liberty Seated Dollar was issued for general circulation starting in 1840. The seated figure of Liberty was used for the obverse (front) and the familiar Eagle with an olive branch […]
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1822 Capped Bust, Lettered Edge Half Dollar

The 1822 Capped Bust, Lettered Edge Half Dollar was designed by a German immigrant, John Reich. John was an engraver for the mint and served from 1807 to 1817 after having been freed from a bond of servitude by a Mint official. He was the first artist to consistently include the denomination on U.S. gold […]
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