Second Issue Fractional Currency

The term “fractional currency” was first used on the second issue. They were issued from October 10, 1863 to February 23, 1867. The design elements were basically all the same for the 5, 10, 25, and 50 cent denominations. Printing ranges were between 12 million and 60 million, depending on the denomination. Each note was […]
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Postage Currency

The First Issue of U.S. Government stamp money is the only one of the five issues to be identified by name as Postage Currency. The initial printing of the First Issue was released through Army paymasters on Aug. 1, 1862, and was provided for general circulation a few weeks later. The first design of fractional […]
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Fractional Currency

Welcome to our Blog.  We will be sharing information on all things numismatic. Lets start the year off with fractional currency. A fractional currency shield is a 20 in × 25 in (510 mm × 640 mm) printed “shield” on which is placed 39 different fractional currency notes. Produced in 1866 and 1867 by the Treasury Department, the shields were sold […]
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