1914 Federal Reserve Notes

Blue seal and serial number 1914 Federal Reserve notes are some of the most common 1914 Series Notestypes of large size currency, especially for the five, ten, and twenty dollar denominations. Abraham Lincoln $5 notes are typically worth about $50 in circulated condition if they don’t have any problems like rust, stains, tears, holes, missing pieces, etc. Andrew Jackson $10 notes are worth about $55 with average circulation.  If your bill happens to have a serial number under 100 or a serial number that ends with a star symbol, then it will command a premium. You can purchase a nice looking lightly circulated Grover Cleveland $20 note for about $60. Ulysses Grant $50 notes start at about $100 if they are heavily circulated.  Prices can go up from there based on factors like the condition, issuing district, and serial number. The more things change, the more they stay the same.  Despite all the new one hundred dollar bills we see today, one thing has stayed the same since 1914, Benjamin Franklin.  1914 was the first year he made his appearance on the $100 bill. You can pick up an average circulated $100 note for $300 on up.