2017 American Numismatic Association World’s Fair of Money

The 2017 American Numismatic Association Annual World’s Fair of Money in Denver is now history. As professional coin and precious metals dealers, it is vital to know market trends and conditions and the best way to learn true market conditions is at coin shows where you have a true open market with other dealers who are always willing to share what they know.

Every week Christopher’s Rare Coins receives various trade publications and price guides. There is usually a good amount of information on the state of the coin market and how successful the major shows and auctions have been lately. There will certainly be a lot written about this show and the Heritage Auction as it is “The Grand Daddy” of coin shows.

Speaking through years of experience, these articles will undoubtedly paint as rosy a picture as possible about the coin market at the show and the auction. From my general observations at the ANA show, the coin market is not good. Prices and demand for many series of U.S. coins are very weak and in many cases are not reflected in the weekly publications we receive.

Much of the “action” at this show was limited to a few dealers that wholesale coins amongst themselves. If dealers are not willing or capable of trading coins at current realistic levels, they are going to be stuck doing little or no business.

Christopher’s Rare Coins had a fantastic show at the ANA. This success can be attributed to manager Brian Dresback doing a great deal of prep work before the show to organize and study our inventory to see what we need to unload and at what levels. He has also done an amazing job of utilizing his staff to help him.

Christopher’s “blew out” a lot of material at prices that made us squirm a little, but the market is what it is and keeping inventory moving allows us to keep our inventory fresh for customers and keep them interested in coming to our store more often.

There are several Iowa shows coming up this fall that you should make a point to attend so stop by our booth at any of these shows and see what new and exciting items we have to offer.

Chris Seuntjens,
Christopher’s Fine Jewelry and Rare Coins