1917 Type 1 Standing Liberty Quarter

This quarter has 2 types, the type 1 has only 2 dates 1916, the first year for this coin and very rare, and the

1917. The type 2 runs from 1917 through 1930 with no coins being minted in 1922. The difference in the type is easy to figure out on the reverse, back, of the coin, the type 1 the Eagle is lower on the coin and there are no stars below it where the type 2 the Eagle is higher and has 3 stars below it. This coin has a designation of FH with the grade which stands for Full Head, it means that Liberty’s head appears well-struck, as follows: three leaves in Liberty’s hair must be totally visible; the hairline along Liberty’s brow must be complete; the ear indentation must be evident. The designer was Hermon A. MacNeil and was minted in Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco mints. This is one of the few coin series that did not issue proof coins. This one is graded by PCGS as a MS62FH and is worth $330.