Sales Associate

The Coin Sales Associate’s primary purpose is as follows: show our customers why we are the most trusted independent coin store in our region by maintaining coin expertise and service excellence; provide a welcoming and hospitable atmosphere by treating all clients with honesty and respect, whether they are spending $5, $5,000, or selling us a valued item; uphold our core values throughout operations in order to strengthen the company and secure us as a profitable business; support the Coin Department Manager in his responsibilities.

Direct Supervisor: Coin Department Manager

• Proactively greet customers in person and on the phone in an approachable manner; create an experience which inspires the loyalty of our customers.
• Assume personal responsibility and demonstrate professionalism in all aspects of the job; keep the Coin Department Manager, informed of all necessary sales matters and solicit instruction and advice as needed.
• Actively seek and gain authoritative industry knowledge and proper representation of products, building your professional growth to enhance client confidence and our reputation; seek knowledge, instruction and advice from the Coin Department Manager and other associates as needed.
• Be proficient in all procedures and processes of selling, buying, and other aspects of customer service.
• Ensure that we provide our clients with products and services of consistent value and exceptional quality through sorting, organizing, categorizing, and grading inventory.
• Be capable of opening and closing procedures for the store.
• Present the floor by keeping the glass, coins, and carpets clean, straightening and restocking coin cases, and returning items to the correct places.
• Complete additional tasks and assignments as requested.

How to Apply:
Please send cover letter and resume to Brian at