New Arrivals in April

We still have the 1805 $5 Bust U.S. Gold piece known as a Half Eagle, so stop in and take a look at it before it is gone. This coin is 1 of 33,183 every minted and not knowing how many have actually survived the last 205 years we don’t know how many are left out there.



Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 9.51.30 AM


We have added a few new additions to the Christopher’s Rare Coins collection that might intrigue you, they are as follows.

The first one is an 1880 $50 Legal Tender note; it is in a PMG graded holder graded at Very Fine 25. This one is the more common signature block of Lyons and Roberts valued at $3500. For being as old as it is and the condition on the lower end of the scale, it still has nice color.

1880 $50 Legal Tender note


The next two pictures are of the common 1914 series Federal Reserve Notes but these 2 are the $50 and $100 that we don’t see all that often. They are both un-graded professionally but I would put them in the VF/XF range and the $50 is priced at $250 and the $100 is at $580. I like these notes mainly because of the art work on the back, you just don’t see this kind of ‘attention to detail’ in the notes we use today.


50 front

50 Back
100 Front


100 back


I thought I would put one of the many coins that we have gotten over the past month or so in here, and it is a 1917 type 1 Standing Liberty Quarter. The difference between the type 1 and the type 2 varieties in the Standing Liberty Quarter is whether or not it has stars below the eagle, the type 1 does not have stars and the type 2 does have stars. This coin is toning free and just has that nice eye appeal to it. This coin can be yours for only $300 as a raw coin graded at an MS63, and in my opinion is really close to having a ‘Full Head’ designation.


1917 standing liberty


As always we have many new coins come in to the store, so if you are looking for that certain type coin, stop in and take a look at the latest arrivals.