Current Bullion and U.S. Gold Premiums

Happy end of summer everyone. As we get started in the coin show season for 2017, I would like to revisit an earlier newsletter subject of bullion and U.S. gold premiums. A few months ago I wrote about how low premiums were for these items. At that time I didn’t fathom premiums would go even lower, but they have.

Precious metals have been strong lately. Ironically premiums over melt for the above products are at near historical low levels. I honestly do not have a great explanation other than the fact that in general precious metals have been in a low range for quite some time. This lack of dramatic market fluctuations tends to create a lack in customer buying thus creating a glut of product in the market and lowering premiums.

Usually I recommend buying straight gold bullion over U.S. gold coins. However the premiums of $10 Liberties, $20 Liberties and Saint Gaudens are at near historic lows.

Christopher’s always has a good supply of all precious metals and U.S. gold coins, so come see us today and let us help you make a smart buying decision for any type of gold, silver, platinum or rare coins to fit your taste and budget.

Chris Seuntjens,
Christopher’s Fine Jewelry and Rare Coins

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