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Rare U.S. Currency on Display at the INA Annual Show & Convention

The Iowa Numismatic Association is excited to announce that rare national bank notes from Davenport, Iowa banks will be on display at the INA Show and Convention October 21 and 22 at the Isle of Capri Hotel and Casino. The … Continue reading

Current Bullion and U.S. Gold Premiums

Happy end of summer everyone. As we get started in the coin show season for 2017, I would like to revisit an earlier newsletter subject of bullion and U.S. gold premiums. A few months ago I wrote about how low … Continue reading

2017 American Numismatic Association World’s Fair of Money

The 2017 American Numismatic Association Annual World’s Fair of Money in Denver is now history. As professional coin and precious metals dealers, it is vital to know market trends and conditions and the best way to learn true market conditions … Continue reading

The History of Counterfeiting

In the past, I have talked about counterfeit coins and bullion, but recently I read an article that goes into great detail about the history of counterfeiting and how it has proliferated in recent history and has spread to become … Continue reading

Take a Break and Visit a Coin Show This Summer

In previous blog posts I have been talking about coin shows and encouraging readers to attend them when possible. Since the last newsletter, I have been to three coin shows; CSNS in Schaumburg, Illinois, the Fremont Coin Club Show in … Continue reading

Increased Coin Show Popularity

Lately, I’ve been writing about coin shows and stressing how educational and fun they are for attendees young and old. Well, a lot of people must have listened because as of late, the shows I’ve attended and recieved feedback from … Continue reading

Why Every Coin Collector Needs an Official Red Book

Are you a coin collector?  If so, do you have one of these?  If not, you need to get one! The “Red Book” is considered the “Bible” of the coin industry, it lists of every U.S. Coin, Territorial Coin and … Continue reading

What’s In A Name?

At Christopher’s Rare Coins, we frequently see coins that were purchased from companies with clever names that many people think are U.S. Government entities. They use the word “mint” in their company name. This isn’t an illegal practice, but it … Continue reading

The Iowa Numismatic Association

Since its founding in 1938, the INA has promoted the hobby of numismatics through education and our support of Iowa coin clubs, and the numerous conventions and shows held throughout the state. Each year the INA sponsors an annual coin show … Continue reading

Advantages of Attending A Coin Show

Happy Holidays from everyone at Christopher’s Rare Coins! I hope you and your families are happy and healthy. In this issue, I would like to discuss coin shows and how they can be fun and a great learning opportunity. I … Continue reading