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The Most Highly Traded Commodity of 2018

As 2018 appears in the rearview mirror, I thought it would be interesting to write about what palladium has done in recent history. For the first time the price of palladium surpassed the price of gold. It was the most … Continue reading

The Story Behind the Abundance of Silver Dollars

If you have been around coins very long either at coin shows or in coin shops, you will have noticed that there is always a large quantity of silver dollars for sale and so many are in uncirculated condition. So … Continue reading

2018 INA Coin Show Recap

The 80th Annual Iowa Numismatic Associations’ Coin Show and Convention is past history. The Des Moines Coin Club hosted this years’ show and they did a wonderful job as usual. This year the show was in The Palace in Adventureland … Continue reading

4 Free Seminars at the INA Coin Show

Free Lunch Included! Join us for the 2018 Iowa Numismatic Association Coin Show on October 27 (9AM-5PM) and 28 (10AM-3PM) at the Adventureland Palace Theatre located at Exit 142 off of I-80 in Altoona. Free admission and parking, over 50 dealer … Continue reading

2018 Iowa Numismatic Association Coin Show

Dear Fellow Numismatists, My two favorite seasons are here. Fall and coin show season. There are a lot of coin shows in the fall, winter and spring. Right now the show I would really like you to plan for is … Continue reading

Did You Know?: The Story of the 1933 Double Eagle Coins

The week of August 14 I attended the American Numismatic Association World’s Fair of Money in Philadelphia. This is the largest coin show in the world and as usual there were amazing rarities on display. One of the most interesting … Continue reading

Did You Know?: The Story of the Gold Standard

When the United States was on the gold standard, United States gold and silver coins were produced with their actual metal content being the same as their face value. In other words, a $20 gold coin had $20 worth of … Continue reading

Did You Know?: The Story of the First U.S. Coin

Hello friends. For the last several months I have been writing a column called Tips and Perspectives. I am now starting a new column called “Did You Know?” in which I will talk about all sorts of interesting and unusual … Continue reading

How Can We Inspire Young Collectors?

Not too often do I get perplexed about something that I cannot find an answer for. The problem I would like to address in this column is how to get kids involved in collecting coins. This question really hit home … Continue reading

Basics of Coin Grading: Strike

Happy Spring, finally, fellow numismatists. This column is part 3 of my 3 part series on coin grading. I have discussed luster and surface preservation. In part 3, I will be discussing strike.  It is very interesting how many strike … Continue reading