A Note on Precious Metals Pricing

To our valued customers.

Christopher’s Rare Coins opened for business April 1, 1980. From day one our business model has been to offer our customers impeccable service, quality products and competitive pricing.

Since day one, we have seen the full range of markets in coins and precious metals. We are obviously witnessing a huge downturn in precious metals due to the Corona Virus situation. It is no surprise that many investors are in the market to purchase precious metals and take advantage of bargain prices.

Like many products, precious metals pricing is based on supply and demand. With the huge price drops the public demand has been enormous. Supplies have been drastically reduced nationwide. This has resulted in premiums for the available metals to go up dramatically. Premiums are what Christopher’s has to pay over spot for metals and what we in turn charge our customers.

Christopher’s has NEVER and NEVER WILL price gouge or take advantage of adverse market situations. We charge a minimal mark-up over our cost to pay our employees and make a little profit.

As of this writing, we are taking orders for precious metals that we do not have in stock. Customers need to come into our store to place orders and pay 100% of the sale upfront. Phone orders will not be accepted. Customers will be “locked in” an agreed to price at that time and given a receipt. Once the order is placed that price is guaranteed no matter what the market does. While it changes, sometimes daily, delivery time for orders is upwards of several weeks.

We sincerely appreciate all of our repeat customers and new ones and invite you to come in or call if you have any questions.  We are now located in JOHNSTON, IOWA at 8671 Northpark Court.  You may call us at 515.251.4031.  Thank you!