2018 INA Coin Show Recap

The 80th Annual Iowa Numismatic Associations’ Coin Show and Convention is past history. The Des Moines Coin Club hosted this years’ show and they did a wonderful job as usual. This year the show was in The Palace in Adventureland Park in Altoona, Iowa. The facility was very spacious and with convenient loading and unloading for the dealers.

As in many new venues, dealers and the public alike had a few difficulties getting to their destination even though there were lots of signs in place. We are planning on having the show there again next year so I am sure that anyone that was there this year will have an easier time.

Our line-up of exhibits and 4 free seminars was unprecedented. They were all very informative and very interesting.

Exhibits were comprised of “the smallest coins in the world”, “crazy things that people do to coins”, “love token jewelry”, among others.

Our speakers included:
Mitch Ernst, “Altered and counterfeit coins task force”
Clifford Mishler, “Our hobby community, yesterday, today and tomorrow”
David Stark, “Smart phone coin photography”
Dillon Kraft, “Using social media to promote numismatics and coin shows”

We had 4 tables of fabulous inventory at the show. Brian and I had a great time talking, buying and selling coins.

We hope you are having a great fall and we are looking forward to seeing you in the store soon.

Stay tuned next month for more “Did You Know?” stories.

Kind regards,
Chris Seuntjens
Christopher’s Fine Jewelry and Rare Coins