1901 $10 U.S. Note or Legal Tender, Bison Note

Just like the Silver Certificate notes this type also has an extensive series and offer many varieties of design and subject matter. There are five different issues of these notes that came out in different denominations and years, this particular note was in the fifth issue that did all 1901 series notes in only $10 denominations. They call this note the ‘Buffalo’ or ‘Bison’ note as it depicts a Bison which most people call a Buffalo on the center of the note. There is a disagreement over whether the bison is Black Diamond, the animal on the reverse (back) of the Indian Head Nickel, or Pablo, a bison who resided at the Washington Zoo. The portraits on this note are the Bison between the explorers Meriwether Lewis and William Clark. This note has not been professionally graded, we figure this note to be in a F15 condition and is valued at $800.