1864 Liberty Seated Dollar

After a break in dollar production from the ever popular 1804 Bust Dollar and after skipping over the very few Gobrecht Dollars in 1836-1839, the Liberty Seated Dollar was issued for general circulation starting in 1840. The seated figure of Liberty was used for the obverse (front) and the familiar Eagle with an olive branch and arrows was used for the reverse (back) of this coins designed by Christian Gobrecht. There are two types of the seated Liberty Dollar, the first is without the ‘In God We Trust’ motto above the Eagle, 1840 through 1865. The second type has the motto above the Eagle and ran from 1866 through 1873. These coins were minted at Philadelphia, New Orleans, Carson City, and San Francisco mints. This coin is graded by PCGS as an XF45 and is worth $1920.